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CSD Railroad Modeling University
September 15, 2007

Activity Report and Photo Gallery

The first annual Railroad Modeling University, sponsored by the Carolina Southern Division, National Model Railroading Association, was held on Saturday, September 15, 2007 at Cook's Memorial Presbyterian Church at 3413 Mt. Holly-Huntersville Road, just off NC 16. Registration began at 8:30 am and we had 36 folks in attendance. Clinics and activities begin at 9 am and ran until 1 pm.

Superintendent Rick Knight reports:
"Many thanks to everyone who participated in RMU 2007! There were 20 current NMRA members in attendance and 16 prospective members. Not a bad turnout for a first year event. A special thanks go to Carl, Fred, Dick, Frank and Gil for taking parts of the program and passing along their knowledge to fellow modelers. And special thanks to Jack and Chris for handling the registration process. And a definite big time thanks to Colonel Bob for taking flyers and posters to every train store, hobby shop and craft shop in Mecklenburg, Union, Stanly, Iredell, Cabarrus, Catawba and Gaston Counties."

We conducted the following clinics:

Model Railroading Basics (Planning and Design, Benchwork, Track, Wiring, Scenery, Buildings, Weathering) by Rick Knight     Note: This is a complete 'A-Z' 3 hour seminar covering all you need to know

    This was the centerpiece clinic for the MRU. It covered building a layout from "A to Z". Well, really, from "B" (benchwork) to "W" (weathering), but we got close.



Model Railroading with Modules by Gil Brauch

    This clinic focused on both classic modular model railroading in all scales and using modules (or sections, if you prefer) in designing and building home layouts.



Light, Motion & Sound Animation by Master Model Railroader Fred Miller

    Fred shared his award winning techniques to making your layout come 'alive'.



Building Craftsman / Wooden Kits by Frank Binder

    Some of us think wooden kits are too advanced. Frank showed us how advances in kit design make it easy for us average modelers to build structures worthy of The Masters.


Using the JMRI Panel Pro software to develop CTC boards

    Our 'Digital Guru' showed us what it takes to get the most out of the computer program designed to get the most out of operating sessions.


Setting up a Layout for an Operating Session: Case Study: The Southern Exchange by Carl Wessel

    Our 'guest' clinician Carl, who is also a very active member of the OPSIG, gave us some insights on how you can interchange cars between operating sessions on different layouts.


There was also a small NTRAK operating layout set up sponsored by the Central Carolina N Scalers.  

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