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CSD Railroad Modeling University
September 15, 2007

Activity Report and Photo Gallery

The second annual Railroad Modeling University, sponsored by the Carolina Southern Division, National Model Railroading Association, was held on Saturday, January 19, 2008 at First Baptist Church in downtown Charlotte. Although bad weather kept some folks at home and caused some clinic cancellations, we still had 22 folks in attendance. Clinics and activities began at 9 am and ran until noon.

Superintendent Rick Knight reports:
" In the general scheme of things, our latest session went well. Attendance was down (bad weather may have accounted for that) and a couple of clinics had to be cancelled at the last minute, but everyone enjoyed the classes that were presented. We are planning to continue our RMU series in September, but plans and clinics are not yet firmed up."

We conducted the following clinics:

Model Railroading Basics (Planning and Design, Benchwork, Track, Wiring, Scenery, Buildings, Weathering) by Rick Knight     Note: This is a complete 'A-Z' 3 hour seminar covering all you need to know

    This was the centerpiece clinic for the Second Semester and covered the nuts and bolts of building a layout from "A to Z".


Train Set Tuneup by Jack Haynes

    Jack taught us tips and tricks we can use to cure common problems with trainsets -- or our larger layouts.


Building a Railroad Crossing by Jim Allen

    Jim showed us his techniques and tips on making this important part of your scenery look realistic.


The PC -- A Model Railroading Tool: Adding Sound and Animation to Your Layout

         by Master Model Railroader Fred Miller

    Fred shared how you can enhance building and running your layout using a computer. He also did his classic clinic on how to add some 'life' to your pike.


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