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CSD Railroad Modeling University
September 15, 2007

Activity Report and Photo Gallery

The eleventh annual Model Railroading University, sponsored by the Carolina Southern Division, National Model Railroading Association, was held on Saturday January 21, 2017. We had over 70 model railroaders who came from far and near to learn how to enhance their enjoyment of The World's Greatest Hobby. Our clinicians offered courses beginning with Basic Model Railroading all the way up to how to use microprocessers (arduinos) on your railroad.  Two NMRA Master Model Railroaders were also on hand to teach and answer questions. For the second year, the CSD was blessed to have the facilities of Christ the King Church available for our use.

The slideshow by Scott Perry at this link gives a good look inside the happenings at this year's event.

Well, all the modules, mini-layouts, track sections, backdrops, soldering irons, miltimeters, and hundreds of smaller items have been packed up.  Tables have been folded and put away, lights have been turned off and doors locked.  RMU 2017 is over and by all accounts, it was a success.  Success in that some people learned, some people taught and some people formed friendships that will last for years. 

Thanks to all the attendees and Presenters who took time to come to RMU 2017 from the Board of the Carolina Southern Division.  But we leave you with one question: Will we, see you, at RMU 2018??? We are planning on it.

Photo slideshow by Scott Perry

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