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Rusty Doss (aka IAMFASHA) has developed and posted on YouTube a series of videos on various aspects of model railroading. Listed below are some of his videos along with links to them. Be advised that you will be leaving our site to view the videos.

Making an HO Model Train Test Track

Fasha walks you though how to make a test track for a HO train. This simple to use process can be used to make a test track for your engines and rolling stock for any scale model train.


Wash and Lube of an AHM GP-18

This GP-18 was given to me after it was found in a box of older train stuff.  Watch as I take it down and bring it back to life.  These same techniques can be used on most all older model locomotives, with tools anyone can find around their home.


Painting and Adding Decals (A two part series)

Fasha walks you though removing factory decals and paint from a boxcar and repainting it and added new decals start to finish. A very in-depth look at all steps, recorded in HD, with lots of close up shots for easy understanding of this process. Lots of tips and tricks. These same procedures can be used on any scale model RR project.

Link to part one:

Link to part two:

Athearn Drive Wheel Replacement on Two Athearn U-Boats

Fasha shows you two ways to replace broke axle wheels on Athearn Locomotives aka "the Non-Twin Sisters".


Bachmann E Z Riders Ball Bearing Full Electrical Pickups

Fasha reviews Bachmann's E Z Riders Ball Bearing Full Electrical Pickups.  These riders allow you to run your locomotive in place.  Works much the same way "jackstands" do for automobiles! ! !


Atlas Locomotive Truck Repair

Fasha shows you a locomotive than landed on the bench not running correctly and making some noise.  Complete walk-thru of diagnosing the problem, order parts and then repairing the locomotive.  Repairs can turn a worthless locomotive into a strong runner for your layout!!  



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