2020     MER 2022 Contacts     2020

2022 Convention Chair Neal Anderson, MMR 2022chair@carolinasouthern.org
Clinic Chair Doug Algire 2022clinics@carolinasouthern.org
Layout Tour Chair Alan Hardee 2022tours@carolinasouthern.org
Hotel Layout Coordinator Gil Brauch, MMR 2022modules@carolinasouthern.org
Publicity Chair Alan Hardee 2022publicity@carolinasouthern.org
Publisher OPEN - Need Volunteer 2022publisher@carolinasouthern.org
Webmaster Joe Skorch 2022web@carolinasouthern.org
General Store Coordinator Bob Halsey 2022sales@carolinasouthern.org
Audio-Visual Coordinator Andrew Sadler 2022av@carolinasouthern.org
Time Saver Layout Superintendent OPEN - Need Volunteer 2022switching@carolinasouthern.org
Convention Staff Director Dave Thrams 2022staff@carolinasouthern.org

In addition to the OPEN positions above, each of these leaders need volunteers to help with that particular aspect of the convention. CSD/MER members are encouraged to contact the leader of their choice to see how they can help make this event a memorable one.