2020Pre-convention NCTM 'Backstage' Tour2020

There will be a special "Backstage" tour of the North Carolina Transportation Museum available on Thursday, October 20, 2022 for those who wish to come a day earlier. The tour will include visits to areas not normally available to the general public and will include the working backshops and some special private cars. Read about the details of the tour at this link.

You will not have to come to the hotel to participate. You can make it a 'rest stop' on your way to Charlotte, but  you will have to register for the tour in advance. We will have a check-in person at the tour start point to take care of the administrative details. So, here is how it will work:

1. Register for the tour (#201) on your registration form. If you are among the first 30 to register, the tour will be free to you. Otherwise, the cost of the tour is $15. Note that the tour is limited to 50 persons.

2. Drive to the NC Transportation Museum (NCTM) at 1 Samuel Spencer Drive, Spencer, NC 28159 so as to arrive before noon and park in public parking.

3. Go to the Barber Junction Visitors Center, which is the building adjacent to the parking lot marked "A" on the map at this link.  Inside the Barber Junction Visitors Center  a convention representative will greet you and check you in. Be sure to bring your registration receipt with you to help with the check in process. You will then meet the tour guide and the rest of the group to begin the tour.

4. The tour will start at 12:30 pm sharp, so don't be late!