2022CAROLINA SPECIAL Registration2022

Online registration for the CAROLINA SPECIAL is now open. Note that early registration closes August 31, 2022 (saves you $10). Online registration closes October 6, 2022 (saves you $5). Registration at the door is $60. For all of the above, if you are not an NMRA member, you may register and attend for an additional $20. The registration page is also where you register for 'extra fare' options for the convention.

To register for the convention online, use the following link: MER 2022 Online Registration .


The online and download registration forms were revised as of July 11, 2022 to include a new special event tour, new Extra Fare clinics and Operating Sessions. If you registered before this date, please check the forms to see the new entries and make any revisions you wish in accordance with the instructions on the form after you have received your registration number by separate notification from the registrar.

Also, as of August 1, 2022 there is now a one-day registration available. The cost is $35 for an NMRA member and $55 for an NMRA non-member.

And don't forget to make your hotel reservation at this link.

When you complete your registration information, you will be directed to the payment page. Please read carefully the instructions about completely filling out the registration information and payment. Questions or issues should be directed to the MER Convention Registrar ( mer-registrar@mer-nmra.com ). Once you have completed payment, you should be directed back to the registration form. From there you can go back to our convention home page.

Note that if you need to make an addition to your registration, use the link above and be sure to check the box that indicates that this is a change to the previously submitted registration.

For those of you who wish to register by mail, please download the registration form at this link and follow the submission instructions contained in it.