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January 2013 We began the year by changing our open house hours to the Second Saturday of each month between 10 am and 2 pm. Not many folks usually showed up after 2 pm anyway. Restoration activity continues with several members of the Carolina Southern Division taking buildings home with them for restoration. This gives us room to do the basic scenery groundwork. Our work is on the heavy industry portion of the layout (the last section) and fitting all the buildings back in is proving to be a scenic challenge. Carl Wessel and Michael Lethcoe  continue to add their 'lighting magic' to the scenes. We expect to add more lighting enhancements in the near future.
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2012 Annual Summary We continued our restoration efforts during the year. We have now completed about 75% of the restoration and hope to complete the remaining sections by the end of summer next year. Our monthly open houses hosted nearly 400 people during the course of the year. In November we held our second annual swap meet. The Central Carolina N Scalers joined us by setting up a small N Scale layout in an adjacent room. We will probably try this again next year.
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November 2011 After a hectic summer, things returned to 'normal' for our restoration project. We continue to make steady progress toward our goal of finishing initial restoration by November next year. This year, however, we celebrated the fifth anniversary of our grand reopening (in 2006) with a special showing. We set up display tables in the lunchroom covering many aspects of model railroading in celebration of National Model Railroading Month. Rick Knight, Jack Haynes, Larry Paffrath, Carl Baumgart, Gil Brauch, and Bob Halsey each manned a table. We had more than 110 visitors drop by to help us celebrate. The Hickory Daily Record also ran a feature story on the front page of it's "Flair" section (complete with a couple of layout pictures) on the Sunday before the event. It was such a success, we are already talking about making this an annual Model Railroad Month event.
August 2011 Summer has been really busy. The biggest news is that we hosted 249 children from nine schools for field trips sponsored by the Newton Community Schools "SummerKids 2011" program. Gil Brauch also took the opportunity to present an Operation Lifesaver rail safety talk to the children after they visited the layout. You could hear the "AWESOME!!"s for miles around as they admired the breadth and depth of Wade's handiwork. It's time like these that make all the restoration effort worthwhile.
We are still working on the industrial area, so drop by some second or fourth Thursday and lend a hand.
June 2011 We continue to make progress on the restoration, albeit somewhat more slowly recently. Michael Lethcoe has been spending a lot of time under the layout doing the wiring for the building and street lights. We have finished off the agricultural area and are well along in dealing with the light industry section. Progress on the heavy industry has been slow, as some of the buildings are in a more severe state of disrepair. However, we are still planning on being finished with the 'first pass' restoration in time for our 5th Anniversary Grand Re-opening. Planning is underway to make it more than just an open house. Stay tuned...
March 2011 Jim Gulnac is making some real progress in cleaning up and repairing buildings in the heavy industry area. There may be some light at the end of the tunnel for completing our first round of restoration on the whole layout by November, which is the 5th anniversary of the Grand Re-opening. Still lots to do, so drop by some working session (2nd and 4th Thursday each month - 6:30 pm or so) and we will find something to keep you busy. Don't forget that you can earn points toward your Volunteer AP certificate for helping out.
February 2011 Our February open house was well attended. We were lucky to be included on the list of "Things to Do" on the front page of Saturday's Hickory Daily Record. Work is still a little slower than we would like because of the cold evening weather (the room's not heated very well), but we continue to make progress.
January 2011 Our regular crew was enhanced this month when Jim Gulnac joined us. Welcome Jim! It's good to have another regular helper aboard. Jim has already attacked a section encompassing five buildings in the light industrial area and is getting ready to take care of restoring another section in the grid that encompasses another half dozen or so light industries. Gil Brauch is putting the finishing touches on the rural scenes, while Carl Wessel and Michael Lethcoe are working hard at keeping up with installing the lights in all the buildings and along the streets. It's been a little cold this winter, but things are really starting to heat up with the restoration.
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December 2010 We closed out the year with a very successful Open House. One hundred thirty-three (133) people came by to view the layout. That brought our year's total to 952 visitors, the most ever since we reopened the layout for public viewing. We are looking forward to a good year in 2011 and invite all modelers to come by on one of our work sessions (second and fourth Thursday evenings) to lend a hand.
November 2010 Our annual membership general meeting was held at Brookford on the same day as our Open House. Members were able to view restoration progress since last year's visit. We only hold one work session during November and December because of the holidays, so most of our time is spent 'touching up' areas previously restored. Work on new restoration areas will begin in earnest in January.
October 2010 Our Open House was really slow this month. There were lots of other things going on around town. However, we continue to work on fixing up the rural section of the layout and are beginning to work on the light industry section.
September 2010 More lights! we have now wired up some more buildings and lampposts in the sections that have been initially renovated. We are looking toward the four year celebration of the Grand Re-opening of the layout coming up over Veteran's Day weekend.
August 2010 In addition to our normal work sessions and monthly open house, we held a special open house on the evening of August 28 in support of the Brookford Auto Show. About 40-50 car guys and gals dropped in to see the layout during the course of a couple of hours. Many commented that they had heard about Train Town, but never taken the time to come by a see it. We suspect we may see some more of a few of them in the future.
July 2010 Nothing special to report this month. Work continues through the 'lazy, hazy days of summer'. Attendance at this month's open house was light also.
June 2010 Work continues in 'lighting up' Train Town as the electrical crew installs lights in buildings in the light industrial area. However, the highlight of the month was the special showing we had for the Piedmont Council's Cub Scout Day Camp held at the Brookford Community Center. We hosted over 213 Cub Scouts and their leaders as we gave them a glimpse into the world of model railroading. We expect that we will see some of them again during future open houses.
May 2010 This month we began work in earnest on the rural scenes on the layout. We hope to introduce some different scenery techniques into this section while still maintaining the integrity of Wade's design and scenic design. When this section is finished, we will have completed about three quarters of the layout restoration.
April 2010 Not much new to report this month except that we have recruited a new associate to help us with the restoration. Eddie Jolly has joined the crew. He's not an NMRA member yet, but we're working on that, too...
March 2010 Our open house this month had sparse attendance, but several folks made special trips from out of town to see the layout, which made it very worthwhile to be there. Fred Miller repaired the chase lights on the theater marquee and a billboard, so Carl Wessel is busily engaged in re-installing them and hooking them up to add a bit of visual animation for our visitors. We are about halfway down the back side of the layout in our scenic restoration efforts. Still lots to do.
February 2010 From hero to zero... That's what our experience was for February's Open House. The weather conspired against us and we had to cancel because of snow and icy roads. We did hold our work sessions and made some progress in finishing a block of industries on the far side of the layout. Come on spring!!!...
Fred Miller has donated several boxes of scenery materials to the project. Thanks Fred, we now have all that we will need to finish the project.
January 2010 Our January Open House started off the year in a big way. It had been very, very cold for a long while and it warmed up some and the sun came out -- and so did the folks. The Hickory Daily Record featured us prominently in their "Things To Do" section on both Thursday and Saturday, plus there was an indoor yard sale fund raiser going on in the building. All this came together and resulted in over 180 folks dropping by to see the layout. Some stayed for an hour or more with their young children riveted to the trains and delighting in discovering new little scenes on the layout. Days like this make it really all worthwhile.
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December 2009 As has become our custom we only had one work session and our monthly open house this month. We will be back in the swing of things in January with our full normal schedule of work sessions on the second and fourth Thursday evenings and open house on the second Saturday of every month. As we closed out the year, we have hosted over 580 people during our open houses. Members of the Division donated over 300 manhours of restoration work and the costs of restoration to this point have been covered by visitor donations. Our goal for the coming year is to complete initial restoration of the remaining 1/3 of the layout, so there is plenty of work to be done. We invite all interested in developing their skills in railroad modeling to join us for our work sessions.
November 2009 We had two very successful events this month. First, the Division's meeting was held at the Brookford Community Center on November 7th. Prior to the meeting we were open for a work session. Neal Anderson, Steven August, Gil Brauch, Jack Haynes, Michael Lethcoe, Carl Wessel, and Stephen Wood (from Div 13) worked on varying projects for a couple of hours. The next weekend was our monthly open house. The Hickory Daily Record gave us a prominent 'splash' in their weekend Things To Do section and, as a result, we had about 150 folks come through to marvel at Mr. Warren's handiwork. We didn't work Thanksgiving evening, nor will we work on Christmas eve. That leaves us with one work session (Dec 8) and one open house (Dec 10) remaining in the year.
October 2009 Our Open House this month was slow. There were too many festivals going on around the area and it was a fairly nice day. Folks were probably more interested in enjoying the good weather (while it lasts!). We spent some time during our second work session getting things ready for anyone who wants to come early on November 7th to work on a couple of projects. We are making final adjustments to the location of buildings/scenes in the industrial area in preparation for a major 'push' in getting that area restored over the winter months. We are still looking for volunteers to take some buildings and work on them at home, as well as some more folks to join us on the second and fourth Thursday evenings for our work sessions.
September 2009 Not much new to report this month. We are just getting started on the 'light industry' and the 'agricultural' areas of the layout. Most of our restoration efforts are now devoted to planning exactly where each building/scene goes and preparing the 'ground' to install them. We are still looking for volunteers to work on restoration of individual buildings so we can 'plant' them when the sites are finished.
August 2009 Work has begun on the window side of the layout in the 'light industry' area. As we proceed through this section, there will be many opportunities for folks to help restore buildings with an industrial flavor. CSD members who are willing help with this can contact the project manager at to make arrangements. Building restorations can be made 'offsite' and we can arrange pickup and delivery if you want to do that.
July 2009 We received some prominent announcement notices in The Hickory Daily Record's weekend activities sections the week of our open house this month. The results were very satisfactory. Our attendance was 'way up. We had lots of folks bringing their children and then marveling themselves at the layout. Watching their initial expressions as they walk through the door serves as a powerful reminder that most folks think of 'toy trains' as a single loop of track on the living room floor (or a piece of 4x8 plywood). They have never seen anything quite this large before. Welcome to the World's Greatest Hobby!!
June 2009 Turnout for our open house this month was boosted by a fund raiser for the Bo Peep Grill, which experienced a fire earlier in the month. Folks kept dropping by before and after visiting the yard sale and cook-out in the lunchroom next door. Many were long-time residents of Brookford and expressed their pleasure in seeing that someone had taken interest in preserving and showing off Wade's work. To them, it's a part of their town's history that they are proud of. Days like that make it all worth-while.
May 2009 We have light!! Carl Wessel and Michael Lethcoe have been working really hard to illuminate the structures on the layout. Almost every restored building on the layout has some sort of lighting associated with it and there are street lights all along Main Street and at several key intersections in town. The half of the layout that has been restored really shines when the room lights are turned out.
April 2009 Not much new to report on for this month. We once again had a successful open house with about 80 folks showing up. The most notable improvement in the layout is that we have most of the downtown lights working now and it really livens things up when they are all turned on. We are inching ever closer to the 'halfway point' in restoration. We will be posting new photos when we reach that point.
For our open house on May 9 we will be celebrating National Train Day with a special run train loaned to us by David Ward. Yet another 'photo op'! Drop by and take a look.
March 2009 Our attendance at the monthly open houses continues to be very good. We are seeing between 50 and 100 folks, most of them 'first timers' each month. When they find out that we are preserving Wade Warren's work, all of them are most complementary about the organization taking the time and interest in such a project. We are still working on the downtown section and things appear to be going slowly still. Now that Daylight Savings Time is with us, why don't you take an evening drive up to Brookford on a second or fourth Thursday of the month and lend a hand. With only three folks working regularly, it will take a really long time to get things looking really good on the whole layout. Try it... You'll like it...
February 2009 Even though the Project Manager forgot to publish a notice about our open house this month, we still had over 50 folks drop in to see us. Looks like word of mouth is starting to work for us in the local area. As far as progress on the layout is concerned, things have slowed down a bit since we are working in a detail-heavy part of the layout in the downtown area. Hopefully March will see us finish up this area, including the lights (there are a lot of them to do here!).
January 2009 The first open house of the new year was well attended. We didn't do as well as November, but more than 80 folks dropped by the see the layout. We are working right now on finishing up the downtown area during our work sessions. Because we are adding details to finish off some of the scenes, the progress isn't spectacularly noticeable, but we are getting closer to declaring 'victory' for the urban area real soon. Joe Howard came up and helped us during the open house and again during our second work session. He is almost finished ballasting the mainlines, which is a big help.
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December 2008 We only had one work session and our monthly open house this month, so things were pretty slow. We will be back in the swing of things in January with our full normal schedule of work sessions on the second and fourth Thursday evenings and open house on the second Saturday of each months. Come join with us. There is still plenty of work to do.
November 2008 We had a spectacular open house this month. Over 180 persons dropped by to marvel at Wade Warren's handiwork. The increased interest can be attributed to local publicity in the Hickory Daily Record, which featured the open house on the front page of the Thursday "Buzz" section and on the front page on Saturday in the "Things To Do" column.
The following Saturday was the pre-meeting work session. Ed Locklin, Dave and Michelle Chance, and Joe Howard joined Gil Brauch and Michael Lethcoe in completing several projects on the layout. Thanks to them for their support. There will be only one work session in December (11th) and the open house on December 13th will close out our year's activities.
October 2008 Our work sessions this month have been really productive. We are just one small block shy of finishing the right half of the front side -- including lights in all the buildings. We would like to finish the rest of the front side before the end of the year, but it will be tight. We won't be working on the fourth Thursday of both November (the 27th) and December (the 25th) because of the holidays, but we have scheduled a couple of special work sessions on November 6 and November 15 (just before our November meeting) to make up for some of that.
Division members are invited to come a little early (11 am or so) for the meeting on November 15 and put in a couple of hours of light work. It counts toward your AP Association Volunteer Certificate, you know. We will have a couple of small projects lined up for those who come. It really will make a big difference in getting closer to completing our first round of restoration.
September 2008 We were glad to welcome some of the patrons of the Hickory Train Show who took time to drop by while they were in the area. We were also honored by a visit by the Town of Brookford's Mayor Tom Schronce during our Open House. He told us how important it was to the town of Brookford that this piece of the town's history is being preserved. He was very pleased with the progress we have made so far in our restoration efforts.
August 2008 As with most things, August was rreeaaalllyyy sssslllllooooowwwwww. We held only two work sessions, in keeping with our new schedule (2nd and 4th Thursdays), and our monthly open house (2nd Saturday) drew only a handful of visitors. Nonetheless, we continue to make progress with the downtown area. Court House Square is ready for landscaping and by the time Rick Knight finishes restoring the parking garage, we will be ready to 'declare victory' for everything east of Main Street. We are looking forward to our September Open House. Hopefully folks (including CSD members) will drop by Brookford during the day after visiting the Hickory Train Show on the 13th. We will be staying open a little longer just to accommodate those who can't tear themselves away from the show until it closes. Hope to see you there.
July 2008 Our July open house experienced many more visitors, most of them first-timers, than in past months. We still have a lot of fun watching the expressions on the faces of old and young alike as they walk through the door and catch the first glimpse of the majestic jumble of color and action that is Wade's handiwork. Our restoration efforts are now focused on finishing the back side of the downtown area. When we finish that, we will have about half the layout restored. Carl Wessel and Michael Lethcoe continue to make excellent progress in lighting the buildings and installing street lights. The effect is startling when we darken the room. Remember that we have a new restoration schedule for the summer as shown above. Anyone is welcome to come help us out.
June 2008 June was a slow month, for a change. Our new 2nd and 4th Thursday work session schedule continues and we continue to make progress in moving from scene to scene in our restoration efforts. The front side of the layout is almost complete, up to the trolley line. Our next section is between the trolley line and the middle, which will complete the front side. That will mark the half way point in our initial restoration efforts.
May 2008 We are modifying our restoration work schedule during the summer. We will be working only on the second and fourth Thursday evenings. This will help accommodate summer vacation plans for the crew.
May was a so-so month for attendance on open house day, so Carl and Gil were able to make some progress with a few restoration details that don't show up in photos. Things like adding grade crossing ramps, painting roadways, and sorting out 'little people' to go with restoration scenes can really eat up the time. We have posted three examples of recent restorations to our Brookford Gallery, including one that Jim Allen did in his home workshop. As always, we can use help either on Thursday nights, or second Saturdays (open house), or even at your own home. Just contact either Carl Wessel or Gil Brauch or drop an email to and let us know how you would like to be a part of the project.
April 2008 The turnout for our open house this month was good. We had about 80 folks show up, most were first-timers. It really helps when we have front page coverage in the Hickory Daily Record on the morning of our show date. As of the end of the month we have completed just over one third of the scenic restoration of the layout. Progress is also being made on the electrical portion, with most of the restored buildings and scenes having interior lighting installed. Soon we will have the yard and industrial tracks operational -- although we won't be using them regularly during our open house sessions.
March 2008 This was a little bit of a slow month for progress. But Carl Wessel and Michael Lethcoe continued their efforts and Jim Allen finished restoring a couple more buildings. Our goal is to finish the front side of the layout before June. There are about five blocks of scenery involved. We are still working each Thursday evening starting at 6:30 pm. You are invited to join in -- there is plenty to do.
February 2008 Our February Open House was very busy. Thanks again to the Hickory Daily Record including us in a featured spot in the "Things To Do" section, we had about 150 folks drop by during the day to view the layout. We are starting to see a real difference, now that we have initial restoration done on about 1/4 of the layout. Carl Wessel has ballasted the mainlines along the front and at the Residential end and has installed manual turnout controls there. The industrial district tracks and yard now have power thanks to Michael Lethcoe, who has also been busy installing lights in the restored buildings. Jim Allen has been doing some restoration work on individual scenes at home and this has made a big difference in the good progress we have made. He did the Pizza Hut scene.
January 2008 The Open House and all work session activities at Wade's Train Town were cancelled for January. We simply ran out of staff because of personal schedule conflicts. We resumed restoration activities on Thursday, February 7th at 6:30 pm.
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December 2007 The biggest news this month is that we will be starting the Thursday night Restoration Sessions a half hour later, at 6:30 pm, in the coming year. Six o'clock has proven to be just a little too early to start.
We had another successful Open House this month. Although not as crowded as the November one, there were still over 50 people who came by to view the layout.
There will be no work session at Brookford until January 3rd.
November 2007 We had an outstanding Open House this month. Over 120 people visited the layout. The good attendance can be attributed to the fact that the Hickory Daily Record included us in their front page spread of "Things To Do" that Saturday morning complete with a photo from the layout. In addition, one of their reporters visited and wrote a real nice article on the layout that appeared the next day in the Sunday edition. Doesn't happen often, but when it does WOW!!!
If that weren't enough excitement, about 20 Division members gathered at Brookford the following weekend for our Fall meeting. After observing what progress has been made over the past year, several of our members indicated an interest in doing some "homework" for the layout. We are in the process of putting together some 'exportable packages' for folks to work on at home and bring back to the layout at their convenience.
In consultation with the Division's leadership, we are also attempting to develop a work and open house schedule for the coming year that will allow for more members to participate in the project. Stay tuned for further developments.
October 2007 Not much out of the ordinary to report for this month. We continue to progress scene-by-scene around the layout. We are looking forward to the CSD Meeting on Nov 17 so we can show off our progress. We will also have some smaller projects ready for members to work on if they wish to remain and contribute a couple of hours to the project.
September 2007 September was a relatively quiet month for our project. Our open house this month was very sparsely attended, but we used the opportunity to continue to work on restoration of selected scenes. You can see some of our recently completed work in the "Just Completed" section of our Brookford Photo Gallery. Our most significant event was a special viewing session for Cub Scout Pack 300 in Hickory in the evening of September 19th. Twenty-four Cubs and their parents visited and we talked about railroads in general and modeling as a hobby. We hope to be able to accommodate more special groups like this in the future.
Make plans now to attend our special Division Meeting at Brookford on November 17th. We will have plenty of small projects available that will help advance our restoration work.
August 2007 Even though we had our first work sessions in July a year ago, work in earnest began in August. At the end of the first year of restoration we have accomplished quite a lot. One of the best indications of our work is the number of manhours we have devoted to this project. As of the end of August, over 900 hours. Of course, that doesn't compare with the countless hours that Wade Warren put in while building the project, and it will take us a long time at this rate to get the whole layout restored. Having a few more willing helpers for our working sessions would help shorten that time.
Another indication of our progress can be seen in the "Before and After" section of our Brookford Photo Gallery. These photos only show a selection of the scenes we have completed and do not depict the 'under the table' efforts of Michael Lethcoe and Carl Wessel to get lights in the buildings and power to the rails. We continue to hold monthly open houses, but unless there is a special event at the Brookford Community Center, attendance has been slow. Still, those who do come continue to marvel at the scope and complexity of Wade Warren's work, so that makes it all worthwhile.
July 2007 We took a break from monthly open houses this month, but we continued our restoration efforts. Progress continues on the electrical system and we continue to restore individual scenes to showcase Wade Warren's handiwork. The gallery shows before and after photos of completed scenes.
June 2007 We have canceled the July Open House, mostly because of the conflict with our Division Meeting at Martin Oakes' house. We will resume our schedule in August.
Steady progress is being made on individual scenes. The addition of lighting in the buildings and on the streets really adds to the look of the layout. The size of the work crew has been dwindling during the summer months. CSD members are encouraged to see if they can fit a Thursday evening or two into their summer schedules. There is still plenty of work to be done, regardless of your skill level or area of interest.
May 2007 Things really came together this month for two major scenes. We have declared 'victory' for the Carnival Scene and the Residential Area Scene. These two major areas are the visual anchors of the layout and finishing them represents a major milestone for the restoration effort. The houses all have lights and the carnival is a symphony of light and movement, thanks to Michael Lethcoe and Carl Wessel, who spent many evenings in the 'black hole' under the layout getting the electrons to do 'the right thing'. Chris Chrisenbury and Chet Lehrmann put the finishing touches to the houses and the lawns, so now all the 'little people' are able to sit back and enjoy them.
Work continues on the downtown area and we hope to have that completed by the end of the summer. Drop by some Thursday evening for one of the Restoration Working Sessions. There is still a lot of work available for all.
April 2007 We held two open houses this month. The first was on our normal 2nd Saturday and was not very well attended. The second was in conjunction with the Town of Brookford's Centennial Celebration. Over 300 people dropped in and viewed the layout. Many of the long time residents remembered Wade Warren and expressed their appreciation that we have taken on the challenge to keep his Train Town alive. Our restoration efforts to date have resulted in completing the restoration of about 10 of the individual scenes on the layout. Photos of some of them are in the 'Before and After' section of our Brookford Gallery. We still have a lot of scenes to complete, so check your calendars and see if you can make it to one of our Restoration Working Sessions.
March 2007

About 25 visitors showed up for our March open house. Guess the newspaper announcement works!
Our "Brookford Blitz" on March 17th was very helpful in getting things ready for our two open houses scheduled for April. Tom O'Neil, Jack Haynes, Michele and Dave Chance, Jack Monette, Roy and Roxana Becker, Michael Lethcoe, Chris Christenbury, and Gil Brauch each took on tasks that improved the layout. They set lights, 'destrung' power lines, installed track feeders, built a paleontology scene, painted building interiors, and set 'little people' in place. There is still plenty to do, of course, but we continue to make progress from week to week.
Some more 'Before and After' photos have been added below.

Jan/Feb 2007

We opened the New Year with the first of our monthly open houses on the second Saturday in January. The weather was nice and we had about 145 persons drop by during the day. What a great start! Attendance at the February Open House wasn't as good, but the Webmaster didn't get around to getting it announced in the local newspaper, either. He'll try to do better in March.
We have almost finished renovating the carnival scene and Carl Wessel and Michael Lethcoe are working hard at rigging up lights in various scenes. The downtown area is our next area of concentration. There are lots of cars and people that populate these scenes. Take a look at some of our 'Before and After' pictures below. We hope to have a lot more after The Brookford Blitz in March.

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December 2006 Even though December is supposed to be a 'slow month' for getting things done that are not directly related to Christmas, our Wade's Train Town Project has experienced no letup in activity. Many thanks to the team that put in over 370 volunteer hours of work together since we began in June. Those participating so far have been: Frank Binder, Gil Brauch, MD 'Chris' Christenbury, Tony Dentino, Mike Gahagan, Jack Haynes, Rick Knight, Chet Lehrmann, Michael Lethcoe, Tony Putnam, Carl Wessel, and David Ziehr.
We have been able to complete the restoration of the small park scene and are working hard at putting the extensive Carnival scene back in operation. We also continue to work on the town's housing complex and downtown area; cleaning/repairing the houses/buildings and fixing up the 'yards'.
In January we begin our regular series of monthly open houses on the second Saturday of each month between 10 am and 4 pm. If you are a member of the CSD, you can get points toward your Association Volunteer AP Certificate by helping out with these sessions as well as the Thursday night work sessions.

November 2006

This month saw the Grand Re-opening of the layout to the public. We held two open houses. One was on November 4th in conjunction with the Town of Brookford Annual Police Picnic. The other was over the weekend of November 11-12. Over 60 people came in and visited. A few photos are posted here.
We are still continuing work on Thursday nights. Much work remains to clean and repair buildings and scenes.
The monthly open house schedule for 2007 has been developed. We will host an open house on the second Saturday of each month between 10 am and 4 pm.
October 2006 Our major accomplishment in October is that we have the new trolley line and the mainlines installed and running. Basic scenery work is underway in the residential section of the layout and we are beginning work on the downtown and carnival areas. Even though we still have much to do with the restoration project, we will reopen to the public monthly beginning on the weekend of November 11-12, 2006 during Model Railroad Month.
September 2006

During September we almost finished with relocating and re-installing the track. We should finish that the first week in October. As we have relocated the track, we began re-installing the buildings and scenes on the layout. This will be a continuing project for quite a while after the layout becomes operational again. We still have plenty of projects that you can work on either during a work session or at home at your convenience. Just contact the Superintendent or the Webmaster if you are interested in helping out.

July-August 2006 We met our July goal of inventorying the layout and have begun with scenery restoration. Equipment will be inventoried as it is repaired and track restoration continues through August-October. On July 20th we began removing buildings and the loose scenery materials in preparation for more permanent scenery and trackwork rehabilitation. We finished this job on August 24th and have settled on the revised track plan and building arrangements. We also removed all of the old electrical wiring 'rats nest' from the layout in preparation for upgrade. Actual roadbed/track installation began on August 31st. This includes the double loop mainlines, several double ended sidings, a small yard, two stub sidings, and an independent trolley line. As track gets laid, we began putting the final scenery in place. There are lots of 'sub-scenes' under development/restoration -- not the least of which is the impressive carnival grounds with operating rides and attractions.
June 2006 We held our first two work sessions at the layout on June 22nd and 29th, 2006. Only three folks showed up on the 22nd, but we got some general cleaning done. We had a few drop-in guests from the karate class next door who were interested in what we were doing.  The turnout wasn't any better on June 29th with only four folks showing up, two of whom are not Division members. However, we were able to meet our modest June goal of cleaning up and 'dejunking' the room.

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