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As currently practicing model railroaders, when we started in the hobby it was confusing for us, too. Now we have learned some things and are able to provide some of the answers. We are eager to share our knowledge to help others enjoy our great hobby. Regardless of your modeling scale (Z, N, HO, S, O, G, plus others), modeling skills (just thinking about starting, beginner, average, or better), or whether you are interested in building a modular unit, a home layout, or a garden paradise, we can point you to other model railroaders who have faced the same challenges and overcome them.

If you want to do a little reading on your own, try out the web pages to give you "An Introduction to Model Railroading". You will find it interesting and informative.

Or, you can get a free online tutorial at this site, sponsored by one of the hobby's premier magazines and the World's Greatest Hobby consortium.

If you want to contact someone locally, all you have to do is drop us a line at: describing your problem or interest. We have someone monitoring all correspondence and will get back to you with answers or pointers to other resources.